Welcome to the virtual dimension of Dakinia.

A dakini is a tibetan sky dancer, sometimes a trickster of kinds, bringing clear sight to especially women's lives. Dakinia is my one-woman-company focusing on a holistic movement form called Nia and increasingly serving as a platform for me to share my creative gifts through.

My base camp is located in Turku, a big enough small town on the southwest coast of Finland.

First encounter with Nia

At the brink of wrapping up my university studies, free-lancing as a reporter, I was invited to my first Nia class in November 2004. Entering the venue, I had a lot of assumptions concerning both the movement form and my ability to follow it - all of which proved to be wrong. As soon as the music started playing, I realized this was something else.

I enjoyed every bit of my experience. The music, that the teacher obviously was listening to as she cued us. The encouragement to kick and punch and sound. The freedom to be silly. The invitation to listen inwards as we cooled down. To this day, I am amazed that there is a movement form that nutshells values so relevant to me: awareness, meaningfulness - and a whole lot of heart.

Sharing Nia

After a few months of attending classes twice a week, I wrote in my then-diary: Now I know what I will be when I grow up. A Nia Teacher. In June 2005 I attended my first White Belt Training with Ann Christiansen. I started up my first classes at the beginning of 2006 and some of the students from that time still dance with me. Hundreds are the bodies that I have encountered on the dance floors so far.

As a teacher, my priority is to create an atmosphere where you can  feel safe to relax, be silly and challenge yourself according to your needs. I love that I get to share the dance floor with people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels. I love that energy work can take the shape of dancing - and having fun.

Unique about my path

Since June 2005, I have completed all basic belt levels at least once, most recently the Black Belt (in Hamburg, August 2017). I have had the great pleasure and honor to partner up with world class Nia Trainer Ann Christiansen, and have produced four belt trainings in Turku for and with her since 2008.

Along the years it has also become evident to me, that as long as I find outlets for my creativity, I stay sane. I have stopped being judgmentally picky and allow whatever wants to surface at any given time: sometimes I'm urged to pick up my guitar, sometimes a pen, sometimes my laptop. That said: today I also make sure to create space for those emerging expressions of creativity to the best of my abilities. My guiding star is this: the only way, to lead a happy, creative life, is to lead a happy, creative life.

I work in Swedish, Finnish and English.

You find all the current class info you need here.

Please be in touch in case you have any questions - or for example want to arrange a private Nia event.

May you be healthy and happy

- and see you on the dance floor!


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PPS. I have also been featured on some Nia compilations!

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Joy of Movement then...

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